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Just a few of the wild birds very common around my town. There's a wide variety of birds I could mention but I'll just stick with a few I could binocular sitting on my porch.

I'm striving to make my gardening more attractive to the more rural birds and some insects among the other critters. As well I've built a couple of bird houses just out of sheer boredom and set them up in the trees with some ideas to do more and make a bat house.

An easy way to make a bird bath without the expense of making a pond or just buying a stone bird bath is to use a plastic garbage can lid. You can use the garbage can it came with by placing bricks inside it or cut a T.V sized hole out of one side of it to make a very shaded planting spot. Either way would mainly be to hold it down with the lid up-turned over it. You could also place the lid on top of a large metal pot plant stand or just leave it on the ground. Check it regularly for fresh water and dump it out and rinse off if mosquito larvae or green algae develop.


House Sparrow
Passer Domesticus

The cute little sparrow who gets up in just about everything and anything of a roof that has tiny crevases to make a nest


Blue Jay
Cyanocitta Cristata
All over the neighborhood. Blue jays stick together to protect a young one fallen out of a nest and make quite a racket at potential predators.


Northern Cardinal or Red bird (male)
Cardinalis Cardinalis

We mostly call them Red Birds, they make a beautiful sound and are very common around the neighborhood.


Northern Mockingbird
Mimus Polyglottos

They flash their wings to scare up insects out of the grass, particularly a lawn in the process of being mowed. These guys can be a little meaner than blue jays and chase things like crows and grackles around, plucking out their tail feathers.


Carolina Chickadee
Poecile Carolinensis

They love it when things are very bushy like a nice thick hedge or overgrowth, something a cat can't get through too easily.


Ruby Throated Hummingbird
Archilochus Colubris

Just one of a variety of hummingbirds who fight over our hummingbird feeders.


Mourning Dove
Zenaida Macroura

They make a gentle cooing sound and eat wild seeds.


American Robin
Turdus Migratorius

Robin's migrate through here and are a common sight.


Great Tailed Grackle (male)
Quiscalus Mexicanus

Grackles migrate through here in droves. Every spring and fall they leave/return like Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds'. They hang around in more sparse numbers just about everywhere, going after insects after a freshly cut lawn, all over parking lots, garbage bins, then they mass together in the trees for the migration and make allot of racket like a billion wind chimes. When they're flying off for it it looks like a big drove of dots like a mass school of fish or bats leaving a cave.


American Crow
Corvus Brachyrhynchos

Crows are very common, more often hanging around parking lots with sea gulls and grackles.


Red Tailed Hawk
Buteo Jamaicensis

Very common to spot or hear their cries, the mix of woods and pastures gives them their most ideal environment.


Ladder Backed Woodpecker
Picoides Scalaris

Sometimes a very rare sight but woodpecker's do come into my backyard to look for insects.


Western Screech Owl
Megascops Kennicottii

These little owls come around my house all the time. They can be heard almost every night if things are quiet enough. I'm hoping one or two owls in particular nest in one of my bird houses.


Belted Kingfisher
Ceryle Alcyon
Can be found anywhere with the potential to fish


Cow or Cattle Egret
Bubulcus Ibis

This is our version of a cow bird, snowy and great white egrets often get mistaken between the cow egret.


Great Blue Heron
Ardea Herodias
I see them every now and then, particularly one along my street who flies back to their nest in the evening mostly taking the same route. I think the one in particular might be living on refinery grounds.


Charadrius Vociferus

Sometimes mixed up as a sandpiper, these and sandpipers will leave the beach or marshes for a tour of the neighborhood and occasional parking lot.


Turkey Buzzard
Cathartes Aura

In the neighborhood it's more like just passing by, easier to spot them looking for road kills driving into the country.