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My Wild Backyard and Vivariums

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This website is about my backyard and making it a natural wildlife attraction, as well as my interest in making vivariums and raising animals and insects in different vivarium set ups.

I have Hyla treefrogs I caught from my own backyard as well as leopard geckos and fire belly toads I'm in the process of learning how to breed and rear their young. The Hyla's I'll be reintroducing into my backyard.

I live in Southeast Texas on the Gulf of Mexico. There are allot of pastures and refinery's around here with southern yellow pine forest and marshes to wet land mainly from the Sabine and Neches Rivers. Nature is the biggest attraction around here from fishing, hunting, birding, beaches to nature trails and camping. It's very humid with hot summers to winters that rarely get down to 20 degrees. Our most typical types of natural threats are tropical thunderstorm flooding and hurricanes.

I think nature here is beautiful and unique and I'd like to attract a little more of it to my own yard so I began gardening just after hurricane Rita when fallen trees gave me the inspiration to make raised beds out of some of the timber. I'm in the process of making a small pond and I'm in the process of finishing off a greenhouse that used to be a sort of portico behind the garage.

All in all I decided to put my projects on this site and include fairly general information you can get just as easily from others like common animals and plants to how to attract butterflies, but some info a little less common like my own ideas on how to attract tree frogs to making a terrarium, bird house or even a table sized, indoor green house. Just about everything I can think of, pretty much, will continue to add to the site as I go along with lots of links and references to look around at.

Feel free to sign my guest book with any questions or comments you have.

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