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My Wild Backyard and Vivariums

A Library of Links
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A Library of Links

Links can be found on just about every page for related sites and references. All the ones that didn't seem to fit on a particular page are here.


Animal Legal and Historical Center

Find state, national, laws, cases and world wide laws on conservation and endangered species. Link is directly on a Texas page. We're pathetic ...

Buy, Sell, Trade and Supplies

Black Jungle Terrarium Supplies

Buy dart frogs, as well as many interesting accessories, plants and starter kits.

Butterfly and Nature Gifts

Interesting packets from growing flowers in a pail to raising butterfly's from caterpillars, leopard frogs from tadpoles, ladybugs, ant farms and sea monkey's to bee, bird, bat and toad houses.

Green Gardener

All kinds of gardening stuff available from slug barriers to butterfly, bird and frog houses. UK site, they can't ship anything alive to the US.

GregRobert Quality Pet Supplies

Lotsa stuff for cats, dogs, aquariums and reptiles. I've gotten bulk active carbon from here with money orders and they have the ammonia neutralizing stuff.

HaHa Reptiles

Buy reptiles and amphibians

I use these guys all the time to get my lights, hoods, heaters, vits, pumps ect.

Beneficial Insects and Compost/Gardening

Biocontrol Network

Helpful insects for your garden or farm as well as safe deterrents and every care from garden fertilizers to house soaps.

Brewing Compost Tea

Utilizing compost materials to benefit garden plants by special straining and 'brewing' for the water as a spray.

Digitalseed: Vermicomposting

Make a small compost supplied with redworms for a rich fertilizer for house plants. Among many other gardening tips and all about composting at the index.

Garden Supply - Planet Natural

All kinds of supplies and organic fertilizers to buying insects like nematodes and lady bugs to bumble bees, mantids and soldier bugs to parasite flies and wasps.

Home Made Bug Sprays

Organic bug sprays from rubbing alcohol, garlic oil to nicotine.

Taxonomy and Identification

Discover Life

Very cool, plenty of pics, awesome global mapper. Kind of like a user friendly bit of museum.

Garden Safari

Interesting gallery of insects and other back yard critters with blogs of information about each. Kind of like my site but nicer.

Global Crayfish Resources

Carnegie Museum of Natural History - possibly all the crayfish possible.

Herps of Texas

Amphibians and reptiles of Texas with profiles.

Mammals of Texas: Bats

All the bats in Texas at NSRL: Museum of Texas Tech University. Personally, I don't think the home page is easy to navigate but there are a host of other mammals of Texas.

Systema Naturae 2000

Somebody else who'd like taxonomy to make more sense than it does.


I think this must be the largest taxonomy online. Just click on a regnum on the right by the butterfly and sit back with the hot tea and tylenol these guys must've been taking to make it.

What's that Bug?

A huge host of identifying bugs throughout the world, folks send a pic in to clarify.

Tank Set-Ups and Care Sheets

Care sheets for amphibians and reptiles to tank set ups, available/wanted animals and a host of links.

Melissa Kaplan's Herp

Many care sheets for amphibians and reptiles that are very well detailed and informative.

Forums, care sheets, galleries and helpful info on herps.

Robyn's Homepage

From rabbits, turtle tank set up to making ponds. A little bit of everything kind of like my site.

Vivarium Top Sites

Hosting even more links, specifically for vivariums/terrariums - available critters, feeders, care and types of set-ups with supplies.

Other How-To's and Care Sheets

Aqualand Pets Plus

Brief but dozens and dozens of care sheets and how-to's for all kinds of critters from amphibians, reptiles, bugs, feeders, fish, crayfish to mammals.

Crab Street Journal

For all hermit crab fans, including adopting rather than sell/buy, care sheets, feeding, set ups, glossary of terms ect.

Culturing Termites

A thread on how to keep termites after you've caught them. I'm not sure how long this link will last but I have another in site at 'Feeder Insects' page on catching and keeping. More of the same here:

Myrms Ant Nest

Myrmecology, the study of ants. It has everything ant, possible, including keeping ant farms in tanks and how to make your own.

Slugs, Slugs, Slugs (and Snails too)

Eww! hehe. Actually, if the giant African snail wasn't illegal to own in the US I think I'd keep a couple of them. But they are:

Tanks and Ponds

Life Force: Pet and Garden

A UK site covering aquariums, ponds and reptiles. Very informative from product choices to maintenance.

A Host of Plants

Hirt's Gardens

I end up buying from these guys quite often when I'm looking for plants on ebay. Lots of interesting plants and flowers from dwarf bananas and bamboo to bulbs, cactus and vines.

Gobs and Gorbs of plants for sale and info. Careful, sometimes it's accidentally in Russian.

Handbook of Texas Online

It'd be nicer if there were pictures but it's a neat site on Texas areas of interest, history, geography, agriculture - comprised of a browse of title, who, what, when, where.