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Fire Belly Toads Vivarium

Frog Links and References

Facts, Feeding
Problems and Illness
The Tank Water
Making the Vivarium
From Breeding to Tadpoles
Frog Links and References

Fire Belly Toad Caresheets

Mainly ways to set up a semi-aquatic tank

Chinese Fire Bellied Toad

Some basic caresheet information

Aqualand Pets Plus

Lotsa pictures and info

The Fire Bellied Toad

Allot of info from care, semi-aquatic tank, to breeding and tadpoles

Tadpole Care

Raising Tadpoles in Containers

General information on raising tadpoles


General Amphibian Info

Toxicity & Defense Methods

General toxicity facts for frogs, toads, salamanders/newts.

Amphibian Diseases Home Page

Generalized information for amphibian diseases.