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Azureus in Alyria

Azureus' Current Spec's
Items Location
Eq and Items Worth Having
What's Worth Practicing
Flying Shortcuts
Look Out!
My New Rigel Home

Welcome to my home pages for Materia Magica.

This is the place I jot down all my notes for my character. Azureus is a Halfling, Rogue Wizard and my site includes everything I've ever found useful to know or jot down as note worthy. Hopefully it may prove useful to the Alyrian Noob since I've been first class for a very long time and I'm more of a Noob to 2nd class.

I'd like to stress the site is based on my own sort of research, opinions and playing. I highly reccomend making up your own ideas and reading other sites. One's I like in particular are listed below.

Materia Magica

Alyria Online

PK Headquarters

Knights of Chaos