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Leopard Gecko Tankhood

Links and References

My Leopard Geckos
Genetics and Temperament
General Facts and Care
Sexing and Breeding
Tank Set Up
Available Leopard Geckos
Links and References

I have allot of aquarium tanks if you're wondering how to get those. The majority of my 10gal tanks were used ones on sale at the regular pet store around here, averaging 5-10$. Other larger one's I've either bought new or found. I've had at least two neighbors already just toss out 20gal fish tanks while moving. My cousin had a 40/50gal I couldn't even fit in the trunk of a car to bring home so I dismantled it from the aquarium glue. I plan to re-mantle it and put it in the green house because it's too long to fit anywhere in my house with everything else I have. I'm sure something will go in there, far be it from me to pass up a free tank.

Supplies and Feeders

Ed's Fly Meat

Sell alternative and smaller foods like flour beetles, springtails and fruitflies. They have some supplies and media to go with.

Fluker's Farm

My own regular supplier of crickets. They also have a common variety of worms, hissing cockroaches, fruit flies, and tank and reptile needs. Dependable, quality, fast delivery.

Allot of supplies for all kinds of needs. I use these guys regularly for lights, vits, heating pads ect. Reliable and prompt delivery.

Natural Chemistry

Cleaning and pest control. Safe and Easy to Use... Conventional or synthetic chemicals for cleaning have many negative effects on pets, people and the planet. Many of these products provide only temporary relief from symptoms. The Natural Chemistry way is to eliminate the source of the problem. (Home of my favorite 'Healthy Habitat' spray)

You are a squeamish weakling and will not buy baby mice, even if they call them pinkies to avoid the mental visual ... but of course you do, because the geckos are eating crickets and meal worms left and right like no tomorrow and you want them to be fat and lazy like they were before the egg laying started! (sigh) well, at least these mice are already dead. *cringe*

Superior Enterprise

Supplies for shipping animals, boxes, deli cups ect.

Available Animals

A-1 Reptiles

These guys are still up to date, responsive and have a nice selection of Leo's among other types of geckos, chameleon's and White's tree frogs.

Alex Hue Reptiles

Mack Snows, very nice geckos with allot of desirables in there. Dependable delivery.

Captive Bred Geckos

They sell an interesting variety of geckos, including inexpensive leopard geckos.

Gecko Ranch

I got geckos from these guys without any problems. They're dependable and very nice folks with low priced Leo's that are very beautiful.

Geckos Ect

Looks like these guys are still in commission and all available geckos are in present time. Some very fascinating geckos in there.

Golden Gate Geckos

Also some very unique patterns in there on the leopard geckos.

JMG Reptile

Allot of unique leopard geckos. Hypo, enigma, tremper, bell, red stripes and snows.

Home of the Tremper Albino Giant, Moose. Very interesting Leo's and specializing.

Reptile City

A variety of animals including leopard geckos. I've gotten animals from these guys and they came in healthy, excellent condition.

VMS Herps

Also dependable, I've received geckos from these guys without a problem. They're one of my favorites.


Melissa Kaplan's Herp

This site has care sheets or information on virtually anything to do with reptiles and amphibians.

The Gecko Spot

Very informative to care, sexing and breeding. It's a UK site, so I'm not sure if their available geckos could be shipped to the US.

The Learning Center

VMS site pages on genetics and first arrival at home care.

How To Breed Leopard Gecko

VMS site page on breeding, sexing, eggs, incubation ect.

Crickets Care

Some alternative cricket keeping care sheets

Mealworm Care

Keeping and raising your own mealworms. Types of mealworms like regular, giant, king. From gut loading the larvae to breeding the beetles.